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I'm a professional photographer born and raised in New York City.  A natural creative by heart, having spent most of my life making music, I naturally found my way into photography as another creative art form of expression.  What began in 2015 as a form of relaxation and escapism, has completely transformed me into a full blown visual artist.  Outside of capturing storytelling streetphotography, moody portraits, and cinematic video, I've also partnered with record producers, recording artists, clothing brands, retail outlets, magazines, camera accessory companies, and social media influencers to create content and bring their visions to life.


My obsession with creative art began when I started collecting records at the age of 12.  I paid particular attention to album artwork.  I often made a connection with records based on the album cover artwork, which almost always influenced my decision to purchase an album.  I was always fascinated at how the artwork or photo on the album cover could set the mood and tone for what I thought the album would sound like.  A fan of 70's soul music and how it always set the mood, it's no surprise that I draw on that same soulful inspiration for my moody visuals.  Using the city as my backdrop, and camera as my brush, I paint beautiful pictures with heavy contrast and moody tones.

I share a certain level of transparency not seen in many visual artists.  Doubling as a creative writer and advocate of expression, my photos often offer the viewer deeper insite into my life.  I like to use my images to tell a story or an experience closely related to my life.  I use the visual to draw in the audience, and my creative writing to accompany my images in order to offer the viewer the reason, inspiration, and thought process behind the shot.

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