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SAY CAN YOU SEE: A short film about Street Photography and Prejudice.  Created by William Leigh

SAY CAN YOU SEE: A short film about Street Photography and Prejudice. Created by William Leigh

A short film, created by director William Leigh, that explores the unsettling visual conscious and unconscious thoughts of a black man wanting to be seen by the world without judgment, as someone or something that matters. Say Can You See stands on the ideal that to be seen is to be heard, and to be heard is to be felt. This film was created as a result of Leigh's street photography, but it was inspired by Leigh’s lifetime of living with labels and experiences dealing with racism, as well as the most recent murders at the forefront, of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. Although short, this film is full of symbolism, hidden meanings, nuances and double entendres that will lead to interpretation and should lead to more conversation. This film acknowledges the fact that for many black people, in their journey of life they are not seen until they have met their unfortunate demise as a result of racism and inequality, and it is at that point, death, which they are actually seen, via news cameras or cell phone footage, or heard, via the hurting voices of activists and advocates. The main character in this film, humanitarian @iamisaiasguity , who just happened to luckily be in Time Square at the same time Leigh was walking around doing street photography, became the target of Leigh's camera. Leigh stated, "after taking a few photos of him, I stood back and observed for awhile, and it was at that point I was able to get the macro view. I saw the bigger picture... so I decided to change my lens and switch my camera from photo mode to video". Say Can You See was filmed Unknowingly. Unplanned. Unscripted. and Unintended. Just as the deaths that came to all of the people who met their unjust and untimely demise at the hands of racism. I hope you enjoy this film and are able to ask someone, or even answer the question, “Can You See?”. ~ Let this film stand as part of my protest, as well as my dedication to the lives that have been lost as a result of the color of my skin. ~ @byWilliamLeigh
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